Ozone Action

What can an individual do to reduce Ozone depletion

You can make a difference by these actions:
  • Unplug electronics from the wall when not in use
  • Don't use regular incandescent light bulbs
  • Switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Follow 3R Rule - Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse
  • Avoid heavily packaged products
  • Carpool, bike, or walk instead of driving alone
  • Plant a tree
  • Buy fresh produce at you local farmer's market
  • Use energy efficient appliances

Watch this video to learn more:

Tony Reduce gasoline usage, plant more trees, and do more recycling.
Linda Perkin I am interested in finding out in what way our church might best help out in preserving our enviroment. What are the things that we can recycle or cut the use of in order to help make a difference as a congregation?
Linda Perkin Tony, As far as the recycling, I know plastic grocery bags, newspapers and magazines, alum. cans, glass jars, are there others? We all try to pass things on to others when they no longer meet our needs. Do you know of an organization that overhauls old appliances for people in need?
Marimuthu Alternate chemicals and fuels which will not cause pollution must be discovered to reduce green house gases emission.
Marimuthu Every thing what is happening as global warming is made by man and he must find the solution to protect the earth.
Kritesh Pollution and waste should not be put into the enviroment faster than the enviroment can degrade and recycle them or render them harmless.
David Dakrou Try to find out more alternate resources and show it to the government.
Carmen Can anyone list at least 5 ways to prevent any further global warming?
Oscar R. I have been trying for more than ten years to get someone in an influential position to try an experiment with ozone layer supplementation. As yet no leader has taken the cue. I have created a website hoping to create general interest in the possibility of a proactive response. You can check it out at www.project-ozone.org and perhaps you or some one you know can help make the importsnt difference. If we do nothing but watch the problem, it will continue for at least the next 65 years or so according to the latest revised estimates from NOAA, NASA, and the WMO. Let's do what our politicians won't. Let's make the difference and show our leaders how it's done.
Diana Jonas we can always use 1 dumping side in the community, in order 2 decrease land pollution,and so as to easy help us collect renewable resources.

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Ozone Action